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Posted Dec 17, 2018

View Scores

Click this link to view current game scores. If a score is missing one of the teams has not yet entered their score. Teams are expected to enter their game scores within 48hrs of the game being played. 

Enter Game Scores

Either Team may enter the score from the game (use the team login password that was emailed to you when your team was accepted). Scores should be entered within 48hrs of the game being played. Please pay attention to the way the teams are listed prior to submitting the score and do not assume you are home or away when entering the score. The scores should line up the way the teams are listed. 

Scores that are entered incorrectly can only be corrected by our office. Please email with the Subject 'Incorrect Score entered' and include in the email the gender, age, division/bracket, game number and correct score. 

***Please note that teams are not allowed to select 'Forfeit' when entering game scores as this is an option for BPYSL to enter only. If a Forfeit is requested it will require a written statement to be emailed explaining why the forfeit is being requested. If approved by the board, the team being issued a forfeit will lose 3 points in the standings, be fined $200, and be reported to Ohio South.